Customized Display Advertising
& Preprints
  Any day.
Any paper.
Any size.

We take the stress out of buying multiple-market advertising, whether your needs include two or 102 newspapers. From the initial rate quote to the consolidated invoice (and everything in between), SCNN makes your ad placement experience stress-free. There is no fee for our services; you pay applicable rates with no markup and write only one check.

For even greater value, try our deeply-discounted QuarterPage+ Network to connect with 1.6 million S.C. newspaper readers at rates that are half of what you would expect to pay.

What we offer

Reliable Data | Circulation and readership data for all newspapers across the state and throughout the country

Rate Quotes | Comprehensive rate quotes targeted to your market, with all applicable volume or frequency discounts

Custom Placement | Customized insertion orders prepared and delivered to everyone in your ad schedule

Ad Delivery | Delivery of all ad materials

Monitoring | Verification of all the details from start to finish

Consolidated Billing | One itemized invoice